Necta N&W Easy Office Coffee Machine

EASY OCS SGL Pod Fresh Ground Coffee + 2 Canisters: 6 Selections

The EASY coffee machine by N&W Global Vending is the ideal coffee machine for all office coffee service applications.  N&W EASY utilises SGL coffee POD technology to produce a punchy espresso coffee shot; The EASY coffee machine's integrated milk & chocolate canisters turn that into a very impressive 'one touch' menu of espresso coffee based drinks.   From a rich Americano to a smooth cappuccino, a frothy latte or a creamy chocolate the N&W EASY coffee machine caters happily for everyone's tastes.

  • First capsule OCS machine offering up to 6 drink selections
  • 2 soluble canisters - chocolate & milk
  • 1 soluble mixing bowl
  • Internal 3.6 litre water tank
  • Attractive modern design
  • Semi automatic capsule discharge
  • Large delivery area with reclining cup support for espresso cups
  • Small footprint