RC400 Single Serve Brewer

Amazing Taste. Easy to Use. Easy to Operate. Built to Last.

Brew great tasting single serve beverages with the stylish, powerful, and easy to use RC400. Compatible for use with RealCup™ and K-Cup® single serve capsules. Pulse brew and pre-infusion are optimized for coffee, tea, and cocoa, and the patent-pending brew chamber ensures even water distribution for full flavor every time.

All the authentic flavors and aromas of your favorite coffee and tea blends, now available in single serve. It’s about time, don’t you think? Large touchscreen and easy-to-use one-touch controls: Digital control makes selection of beverage type and size simple for the user.

You work in a busy office, and you know that the break stations are the places that keep your workplace whizzing along at record speed.  But, as success increases and teams continue to grow, you find yourself struggling to satisfy demand for the variety of beverages throughout the building.  Sure, there are always people who prefer just plain old coffee flavored coffee, but the increasing variety of flavored coffees, the ongoing development of coffee lover’s palates and the time crunch that comes with success creates chaos in the break room.

It is easy to grow frustrated or even become complacent about the state of things in the break room – but Certified Coffee Service has just the remedy for your predicament.  The RealCup™ RC400 is your dream brewer, here to serve the variety of quality hot and cold beverages your employees crave. Filling the void left by conventional mass-brewing options and offering a wide variety of coffees, teas and even hot chocolate & cappuccino drinks to quench even the most discerning thirst.

RC400® Single Serve Brewer Intro Video

What the RealCup™ RC400 Can Do for You

It probably sounds too good to be true, But the truth is, this single, compact, commercial-grade single-cup brewer can bring the convenience and flexibility needed, to your workplace.   The RealCup™ RC400 was created for busy offices like yours – it features everything you could wish for, and then some. Common workplace problems, like refilling a standard 16-ounce travel mug with ease are a doable.  The machine was designed with a commercial environment in mind, with a design that is both easy to use and robust enough to stand up to the constant demand for coffee in an office setting like yours.

Additional features of the RealCup™ RC400 include:

Touch-screen interface: simple controls that allow staff to get exactly what they want from their single-cup brewing experience when they need it most.
Largely thanks to the pulse-brew and pre-wet functionality of the chamber – it is designed to ensure that the grains of coffee, leaves of tea or other beverage mixtures receive an optimal amount of exposure to water, providing a perfect cup every time.   Plumb-in capability: because office coffee machines are often more reliable when driven directly by the office water supply, the RC400 was designed to be plumbed in to a water line.

The machine has a relatively compact footprint, allowing for multiple units to be placed in your office break room to serve everyone their favorite morning brew as quickly as possible.

Flavorful RealCup™ RC400 Creations

While it is worth noting that K-cup® packs are compatible with the RealCup™ brewer, some of the most amazing coffee brands on the market today are available exclusively in K Cup format..   The beauty of the RealCup™ Flavor Max Filter pack is in its design – the filter uses non-woven fibers, precision measurements and an air-tight seal that combine to provide an optimal immersion brew experience. This means all the richness of the coffee beans or tea leaves you have selected end up in your cup, right where they should be. If you are curious about the variety of beverages on offer from RealCup, consider this selection:

Robust coffees: RealCup™ offers a solid selection of coffees from all popular brands.
Stunning specialties: There is even a selection of Marley Coffee, including Jamaica Blue Mountain, made with 100% pure Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee beans. Starbucks & Peet's Coffee is also available. Cappuccinos & chocolates & teas are all available too!   And remember, in addition to all the specialty beverages your RealCup™ RC400 is compatible with all K-cup® packs as well.

Why Your Office Needs the RealCup™ RC400

The truth is, your office needs coffee. And if you are going to have and invest in office coffee, it should the best office coffee service provider you can find.   At Certified Coffee Service, using the Grindmaster RC400, we have taken the guess work out of creating an optimal office coffee experience by using a commercial-grade, single-serve brewer that is easy to use and built to last.   If you have questions about the RealCup™ RC400 & how it can help you to provide office coffee service to your location, reach out to the team of caffeine enthusiasts at Certified Coffee Service.

With going on 5 decades in the office coffee business, we have the experience to help you determine whether or not the RC400 is the office coffee machine of your dreams.