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Starbucks® Coffees

As a "Starbucks Preferred Office Coffee Provider" Certified Coffee Service is your trusted source for fresh, high-quality Starbucks products. Upgrade your office coffee service and motivate your employees by bringing the "Starbucks Experience" to your breakroom."



House Blend
Starbucks'House Blend is easy to drink, with a light to medium body and a faint hint of that comfy, toasted nut flavor. This is Starbucks timeless signature blend.




Decaf House Blend
All the body and flavor of House Blend. with one special exception. A safe, gentle method has been used to decaffeinate each bean for a perfect cup every time.




Sumatra is Starbucks' most popular single-origin coffee. Earthy and herbal, Sumatra has an unusually concentrated flavor with heavy, full body and a deep, intense




Café Verona
One of Starbucks' darker roasts, it is deep, smoky and intense. This is a blend of dense, very high grown Latin American beans that can withstand the heat and length of the roast cycle. In the end it's not the variety of coffee you taste, it's the roast.

Eldorado Coffee Roasters

Eldorado Coffee Roasters.It's all in the name: Popayán is the region within Colombia and Supremo is the size of the bean.

Eldorado Coffee Roasters.This coffee has tremendous expressions of ripe fruit. This helps distinguish it from coffees of other regions. It all has to do with the Popayán soil, and how the coffee is processed... particularly within the regions' rainy, cool climate.

Because the micro-climate is cool, fermentation -an important step in processing coffee- is prolonged. A longer period of time with the pulp of the coffee cherry still on the coffee bean leads to some pronounced fruity characteristics. The flavor is unique to the Popayán region which is celebrated in this bold and complex single-origin coffee.

The fine art of blending…

What makes our blends so special is that we blend after roasting, not before. This allows us to bring out the unique characteristics of each coffee, and to use those attributes to achieve magical combinations worthy of a master chef.

Many our coffees are now Fair Trade Certified®.

What's that mean?

Fair Trade Certified (TM).Fair Trade ensures that farmers are paid a fair wage for their hard work, and further ensures the health and continuity of farming communities.

By buying conventional Fair Trade Certified coffees for our coffee offerings, we also help fund farmers' efforts to gain their organic certification, too. When you buy Fair Trade Certified coffee you help farming families to take care of themselves - without developing dependency on foreign aid.

Gaviña & Sons Fine Coffee

The Gaviña family has been in the coffee business for over 130 years as growers, importers, and roasters of gourmet coffee. The most important word in this statement is family. A strong sense of family is at the heart of F. Gaviña & Sons, Inc., more commonly known as Gaviña. The Company, one of the largest and most successful coffee businesses in the western United States is the largest privately held minority coffee roaster nationwide, producing more than 30 million pounds of roasted coffee a year. The installation of their new state-of-the-art roasting and packing facility was completed last year, with a capacity of 60 million pounds and expandable to 100 million pounds. Their coffees have to be tasted to understand just how special Gavina really is.

Gaviña Gourmet Coffee: leading wholesale gourmet coffee brand in Southern California, with additional representation in Florida, {Certified Coffee Service}.

Don Francisco's Gourmet Coffee: Found in leading retail brand in grocery stores, one of the top 10 coffee brands in the entire U.S.

Flavored Coffee

Barrie House Flavored Coffee Variety pack #1, 24ct box.

Six bags each of: Chocolate Raspberry Cream, Swiss Mocha Almond, Toasted Almond, Hazelnut. Barrie House flavored coffees are created to warm every palate, from the delightfully understated to the keenly adventurous. Each pre-measured 1.75oz ground coffee pack brews a 10-12 cup pot of delicious coffee.

Barrie House Flavored Ground Coffee Variety pack #2 - 24ct box.

Six bags each of: Irish cream, Very Vanilla, Mint Chocolate Chip, Chocolate Truffle.

DeCaf Flavored Variety Pack - 24ct

Six bags each of: Hazelnut Decaf, Irish Cream Decaf, Swiss Mocha Almond Decaf, Chocolate Raspberry Cream Decaf.

Other Coffees

Maxwell House Ground Regular Coffee

With Maxwell House coffee you know you have coffee that is "Good to the Last Drop". Each pre-measured ground coffee pack brews a 10-12 cup pot of delicious coffee.

Maxwell House Decaffeinated Ground Coffee

With Maxwell House ground coffee you have coffee that is "Good to the Last Drop".


Folgers Special Roast Ground Coffee

This Folgers world famous ground coffee is for use in any 10-12 cup drip coffee maker.

Folgers Decaf Ground Coffee

Premium Folgers decaf coffee is for use in any 10-12 cup drip coffee maker.