Colibri LX


Today, even smaller office locations can enjoy the experience of real, fresh Bean to Cup coffee and other hot drinks, with the Colibri LX. From a cup of hot chocolate to a decadent cappuccino, the Colibri will satisfy your thirst for drinks of the highest quality. It is equipped with a Coffee Grinder and Brewer designed to maximize coffee-making to provide clients with a great coffee time and time again. This is a great solution for a firm with 20 up to 50 on staff. Efficient & reliable, the Colibri is a great choice to have a Bean to Cup system.



  • Bean grinder
  • Compact size
  • Combination of 12 selections
  • Stainless steel coffee filters
  • Live display bean hopper
  • Automatic rinse cycle
  • 5 product canisters


  • Height: 29.50″
  • Width: 16.00″
  • Depth: 19.25″
  • Weight: 80lbs