Water Filtration

Have Bottled Water Benefits... Without The Bottle!

When you get right down to it bottled water poses so many inconveniences, not to mention the ongoing expense. You need to schedule water delivery; you need to store large, heavy, five gallon bottles; and, you'll needed a strong & steady hand to lift the bottled while trying not to spill it!

Everpure Water Filters

With an OW200L on the job, you'll say good-bye to these overpriced services and inconveniences.

Installed in a bottleless cooler or drinking fountain, Everpure's OW200L filter provides your office with fresh, sparkling, filtered water any time you want it. and you'll never run out.

Quality Water Starts Right Here!

The OW200L filter was designed to meet the growing demand for quality water in the workplace. This one-of-a-kind filter system delivers a virtually unlimited supply of clean, crisp, refreshing water - without the hassles of bottled water. The OW200L offers the highest quality water available... for pennies a gallon.


Have a mini bottled water plant right in your office, eliminating the need for a weekly delivery service. As a result, you have an unlimited supply of fresh, clean drinking water... at a substantial savings over bottled water.

Proven Performance

The OW200L removes up to 99% of potentially harmful THMs (Trihalomethanes), plus chlorine, chloramines, asbestos, molds, algae, dirt, off-tastes, and odors, plus... up to 99% of lead. This versatile filter system can also be connected to plumbed-in coffee makers and ice makers. In fact, the taste of anything requiring juices, soups and other beverages will taste noticeably better!