Recently, our coffee provider was acquired by a large national firm. Since then, our reliability of service went down & our prices went up. Does that sound familiar? We were previously paying a minor delivery fee, only to now be slapped with a $18.00 per delivery fee! NO WAY!!! I decided enuf is enuf.

After a brief search on the net, I contacted Certified Coffee Service. After meeting with them & getting familiar with all the systems available today, we chose to use the Keurig Single Cup system. Certified Coffee installed a new Keurig brewer to our water line (they even installed a water filter). Capt. Gary was there when his service manager Dave did the install, and, with the donuts in hand too! What a way to win over a new client! To say that their service is great… is an understatement. No excuses, no nasty phone calls for product. They are always here to deliver, on our time table, not theirs!

Christine L. H.R. Supervisor Miramar, Florida

“I have been using Certified Coffee Service as our break room service provider for the past 17 years. My firm has well over 150 employees. We have never been let down with their services. “Capt. Gary” takes great care of us. Their service is seamless.”

Bob Lee, Deerfield Beach, Florida

I am the facilities manager for a large medical billing firm. We have over 600 employees, in 5 locations. Certified Coffee provides us with all the coffee & water cooler equipment that we use. I am working with them for well over 20 years!

I have problems with many of my vendors, but never, has Capt. Gary & the “Crew” with Certified Coffee, let me down. Their level of service cannot be duplicated by anyone. We even get weekend emergency service if needed.

In Florida, where service comes last, they are a rare find.

Thank You, Capt. Gary!

Donna H., Plantation, Fl.